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Replay Museum is a museum of over 100 pinball games, video games and other amusements from the past. Leave the coins at home, no quarters needed to play.

Pinball, jukeboxes and video arcade games have always been considered more than entertainment. They are a scrapbook of America, a looking glass of culture, and a pleasure-filled journey winding through a wonderful marriage of art, science and technology.

Our facility is an interactive museum with 100 “playable” games and unique amusement devices set to “Free” play. We encourage our guests to immerse themselves in a place that has been long since seen, yet never forgotten.

Most museums follow a standard approach of displays to be viewed in a walk, stop, and look. The Replay Museum’s vision is to create a touch, play, and learn environment that is both educational and exciting.

We strive to awaken the sweetest memories of those who grew up in different time and trigger the fascination and interest in a younger generation.


119 E Tarpon Ave, Tarpon Springs, FL 34689, USA


number six
Posted by number six on 19-10-2018 18:04:31 | Rating:

This is a great Arcade / Pinball museum that will definitely bring back a lot of memories. Great selection of games (including newly released Pinballs) make this one of the best places to play in the area. Reasonable cover charge (ie no quarters needed) make this a no-brainer. Definitely worth checking out!