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Classic Arcades. Craft Beer. Enjoy craft beer, video games, and tons of live events? We do, too—and that's why we're here. The Lowry Parcade is Tampa Bay's first (and best!) arcade & tavern: a friendly, fun oasis for nerds, geeks, and dorks from all walks of life.

Our passion for quality craft beer is matched with our love of old school games. Florida has an amazing range of breweries that we love to feature, so our beer menu focuses first on local breweries with their vast mix of styles.

Beyond Florida, we constantly rotate our other draft lines with selections from all over the nation and beyond. We also have tons of bottles and cans always on-hand, and a variety of wine styles if you prefer something from the vine.

Our arcade is full of old school, nostalgic games such as Galaga, Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, X-Men, and many others (see the full list here!). We have been collecting 80s- and 90s-era arcade and pinball machines for years to bring them back to life for you to experience right here. Almost every arcade machine is a quarter per play just like the arcades of yesterday, and almost all of our pinball machines are .50 cents per play.

Besides the video games, our pinball collection currently features 9 machines (full list here!). We even have a Skee-Ball machine that gives tickets for prizes at the bar. —Oh yeah, and we’ve also got Bubble Hockey, as well as a pay-to-play pool table!

We rotate our arcades and pinball machines frequently, and we are always on the search for games both new and old





1213 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33604, USA


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